Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rune of the Day: Nied Reversed
It feels like the whole world is against you today, and it just might be, at least in your mind.  Although there are obstacles in your path, obsessing about them does nothing except to make them seem more important.  Sometimes we just have to make the best of a bad situation before we can move on-this is one of those times. 
Tarot Card of the Day: Emperor 

You can handle whatever comes your way today.  You know exactly what you want and how you want to get it, so go for it.  You certainly have the will and the determination to achieve your goals, and others know this about you so they tend to get out of your way.
The Two Together

Nied Reversed paired with the Emperor is telling you that you can overcome the obstacles in your way today.  Keep your eyes on your goal and you will achieve it-maybe not as quickly as you would like, but definitely on your own terms.  You will deal with the setbacks and delays and still get where you need to go.

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