Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday, June 30th Daily Rune/Tarot Card

Fehu & 8 of Pentacles
The hard work you have been putting in is beginning to pay off today. You're starting to attain the financial success you have been working toward, just be sure to spread some of the wealth around. Acknowledging the help and support you receive from others helps to keep the good fortune coming.

Monday, June 29, 2015

July Runescopes

Aries: Ansuz

Things are moving forward for you this month Aries, life is going just the way you like it. New opportunities are being offered to you, take advantage of them.  With your natural enthusiasm and energy, success is almost guaranteed.

Taurus: Gifu

This month your hard work is rewarded Taurus. The effort you've put out will bring back roughly equal compensation. Your practical nature understands the give and take of life, just remember to take some time to thank the Divine for its part in your blessings. 

Gemini: Mannaz

Spend some time with yourself this month Gemini; use your analytical nature to focus on your inner goals and growth. Look at the big picture, at what is best for everyone in your life in the long run, not just the immediate future. 

Cancer: Algiz

Pay attention to your overprotective tendencies this month Cancer, there are lots of new challenges coming your way. Some of these may have some serious drawbacks, so use caution before you get too deeply involved. 

Leo: Isa

Try to reign in your naturally energetic, enthusiastic self a bit this month Leo. Focus on those things you enjoy, but be careful about starting anything new. This is a good time to take it easy, to just relax and enjoy life. We all need a break sometimes.

Virgo: Othala Reversed

Realize that not everyone is as detail focused as you are Virgo; that doesn't mean that they are lazy or inferior. Staying focused on what you feel others are doing wrong will only lead to your own isolation and loneliness. Try to lighten up a bit this month. 

Libra: Ehwaz

This is a great month to make some new beginnings Libra, to start putting into place those bigger life changes you've been thinking about. Make sure the people that are important to you are on board and then go full steam ahead.  

Scorpio: Perthro

Luck is on your side this month Scorpio, so be willing to take a chance, to try something new. As much as you like to be in control, sometimes you need to do embrace the unexpected in order to gain any rewards.

Sagittarius: Daeg

You are always looking to expand your horizons Sagittarius, and this month you may find a new way of looking at things, a whole new perspective. Things seem to be falling into place for you, most of your efforts will be successful this month.

Capricorn: Lagaz 

Try to put your practical nature on the back burner for a bit this month Capricorn. Instead of the material world, focus more on your intuition, on listening to your subconscious. There is a lot of knowledge and guidance there, if you can only open your mind to become aware of it. 

Aquarius: Fehu

You love to try new things Aquarius, to move on once things start to seem old. Slow down a bit this month, enjoy the material rewards you have earned. You've reached your goals, take some time to relax and share the wealth with those close to your heart.

Pisces: Raido

Things are starting to come together for you this month Pisces, maybe not very quickly, but steadily. Focus on clearing obstacles, especially those you create for yourself by being too sensitive or agreeable. It's what we learn on our journey that is important, not what our destination is. 


Monday, June 29th Daily Rune/Tarot Card

Othala Reversed & King of Pentacles Reversed
Remember that there are many kinds of wealth in life: spiritual, material, friends. Focusing too much on the material can leave you financially secure, but alone and abandoned. Money does make life easier, but so do friends and family, don't lose sight of that fact.