Monday, November 30, 2015

December Runescopes

Aries: Kenaz 

You have a new challenge to tackle this month Aries; it may even be a project that you've been thinking about for a while. You've found a new way to see the situation, a new understanding; and with that and your natural determination and energy, you are sure to achieve the results you work for.
Taurus: Ansuz Reversed

Try not to get too frustrated with confusion and communication problems this month Taurus. It may take some time for everyone to get on the same page. Just remember that these difficulties happen for a reason, they are part of the process and meant to teach us something, not just irritate us.
Gemini: Raido Reversed

You like to go your own way Gemini, to explore and learn about those things that catch your interest. You can expect to be pointed in some different directions this month, to be redirected from your intended destination. Stay flexible, you may end up farther along your path than you would have otherwise.  
Cancer: Ehwaz Reversed

It may feel like the Universe is conspiring against you this month Cancer, that nothing is going according to plan. Your oversensitive nature may lead you to feel as if you are under attack: try not to let these setbacks get to you, they are just helping to prepare you for the better things that are coming.
Leo: Sigel

Things are falling into place for you this month Leo, everything seems to be coming together. Your naturally positive, outgoing attitude just seems to keep attracting more good things. This month, even those things that don't work out will open new doorways for you.

Virgo: Othala 

Your natural tendency to help people comes to the forefront this month Virgo. It's the season to focus on family and friends and that is where you will feel called to help out the most. Getting in touch with your roots will bring you rewards and a sense of belonging you may have been missing in all the hustle and bustle lately. 

Libra: Wunjo

Things are falling into place for you this month Libra, you're finding a true inner peace and happiness. You may just be finding the balance between the material and the spiritual world that serves you best, that brings you true comfort. It is a truly a month of blessings for you.

Scorpio: Beorc Reversed

No matter how hard you try to control things this month Scorpio, or how painful it may be to you, some relationships have just reached their end. These are connections that you've seen slipping away, that you've probably been trying to fix; unfortunately they simply can't be repaired, they've served their purpose.  
Sagittarius: Ansuz Reversed 

Sometimes your outgoing nature and natural gregariousness can be a little overwhelming for others Sagittarius. Pay some extra attention to others and how they are reacting to you - it's much easier to clear up communication mishaps when they first happen than it is after they've had time to fester and grow.
Capricorn: Nied Reversed

You may need to go a bit against your organized, cautious, well-planned out nature this month Capricorn. You're not just facing a few obstacles in your path, you're looking at some pretty insurmountable blockages. Sometimes flexibility is needed, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel.
Aquarius: Daeg

Expect some big changes this month Aquarius, some new ways of looking at things and new perspectives. You may feel like totally remaking your life, and that's okay - you certainly have the energy around you for making such a change.
Pisces: Thurisaz Reversed 

Slow down and think things through this month Pisces, don't just go along with what others want. You need stand up for yourself this month, as much as you hate possibly offending others. Sometimes the only way to reach a goal is to do things the hard way no matter how difficult it is to go against the crowd.