Saturday, February 28, 2015

March Tarotscopes


Aries: 3 of Pentacles reversed

Your determination and optimism will be needed, and probably tested this month, Aries. Projects you’ve been working on, goals you’ve been getting close to meeting may be delayed. These are temporary setbacks, definitely not anything that your energy and enthusiasm can’t power through.

Taurus: 8 of Wands reversed

You have a fine line to walk this month Taurus, between being patient and being overly tolerant. This is a month when things just aren’t going to progress very quickly; they may stay pretty stagnant in fact. Let your hard working nature take over and either start something new, or get absolutely everything in place for when things do start to move along again.
Gemini: Ace of Cups

Your love of knowledge and constant curiosity often seems to overpower your emotions Gemini, you frequently seem detached to other people. This month, focus more on your emotions and less on knowledge. There is a lot to be learned, both about yourself and about others when you listen to your heart and let your head take a bit of a rest.

Cancer: 9 of Wands

Things may be challenging for you this month Cancer, someone may even have thrown down a gauntlet for you to defeat. Your natural responsiveness and intuition will serve you well; your stubbornness will help too. Just don’t take this personally; it’s a test you are meant to pass with flying colors. 
Leo: Page of Wands Reversed 

Leo, you are passionate, enthusiastic, outgoing and sometimes almost an unstoppable force of nature. Slow it down a bit this month, think before you act. Sometimes your natural joie de vivre can be overpowering, even a little frightening, to more timid people. Be careful not to unintentionally intimidate someone you may want to get to know better.

Virgo: 9 of Pentacles

This is a month that you get things done Virgo. Your hard working, persistent nature serves you well. It’s a great time to start anything new you’ve wanted to do because things just seem to fall into place for you this month. As you finish some long term projects take the time to enjoy your success, and try not to let your perfectionist nature nit-pick those successes.

Libra: 3 of Cups reversed 

Not every relationship or partnership lives up to our  
expectations Libra. Although both of those are very important to you, sometimes you have to cut them loose. Not everyone, or every combination of people, will fulfill your hopes. With your innate understanding of people, you will realize why things didn’t work out-just understand that is part of the balance of the world, not everything does.
Scorpio: Hermit reversed

As much as you like to take control Scorpio, this month you just may find yourself running the other way. Your overly emotional nature sometimes gets the best of you, and this may be one of those times. You just may not be able to face taking on any more responsibility, or dealing with any more issues. Give yourself permission to take care of you first-the rest of the world isn’t going anywhere.
Sagittarius: 7 of Cups reversed

Your natural optimism may be running in overdrive this month Sagittarius. What seems like a great idea to you may not be feasible for others, or they just may not be as adventurous as you are. You get so excited about your travels and challenges you forget that some people are happy just hearing about them, and not actually experiencing them. Be careful with what you plan for yourself also, sometimes finances or other commitments do get in the way of what you’d like to do.

Capricorn: 6 of Cups

You have goals and you are working toward them Capricorn; you plan, you work hard, your determination is legendary. Just be sure that this month the goals you are working towards are creating something new, not trying to recreate a happy time from the past. Nostalgia and good memories are great, but we can never recapture the past exactly as we remember it. Make your own world, and add those memories to the ones you already have.
Aquarius: Temperance reversed

You are always stretching your boundaries Aquarius, trying new things. You may find yourself feeling somewhat out of sorts this month, as if you just can’t find something to focus on, to hold your interest. Instead of moving on, as you usually do when this happens, spend some time focusing on yourself and those pesky emotions that you like to bury. They may just be the cause of your discontent. 

Pisces: King of Swords reversed

You are a natural helper Pisces, you always want to do more. Be careful this month not to help someone so much that they are rewarded for your hard work. It’s difficult for you to not jump in and fix things but sometimes you have to let others fail or succeed on their own. Try putting yourself first for a change, instead of giving so much to others.