Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday 2/3 Daily Rune and Tarot Card

Rune of the Day: Lagaz
Listen to your intuition today, pay attention to those unexplainable feelings that come your way. Take advantage of the full moon energy to hone your intuition, to do some work on changing your life. The energy is there to help you manifest your highest vibrations today.
Tarot Card of the Day: Magician
You can do pretty much anything you set your mind to today. You know how to do what needs to be done, it's just a matter of actually finding the time and impetus to do it. You have your goals, you know what changes you want to make, with the Magician's energy, today is a perfect day to focus on making those changes.
The Two Together
The pairing of Lagaz with the Magician is telling us that we have everything we need both mentally and physically to start making some real changes in our lives. Use the energy of today's full moon with the intuition of Lagaz and the ability of the Magician and start turning your dreams into your reality.

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