Saturday, October 31, 2015

November Runescopes

Aries: Sigel

Your optimism and joy for life are matched by your good fortune this month Aries. You're always open to new ideas and experiences and the ones you choose this month bring you success and luck.  

Taurus: Fehu Reversed 

Sometimes you work so hard Taurus that you just feel you have earned something nice for yourself despite whether or not its practical. Be careful about giving into that feeling this month, finances may be just a bit trickier than you are anticipating. 

Gemini: Hagall

Life may be a little hectic this month Gemini. Life often teaches us lessons by upsetting our routine; the more we resist learning the lessons, the greater the upset. Let your analytical side take over and figure out what you are being taught, so that you can move forward with a new perspective.
Cancer: Eihwaz 

Your overprotective, overly sensitive nature sometimes causes you to stay in relationships you would be better off leaving Cancer. Focus on doing what is right for you, on what will keep you safe, and help you grow. Prune away the old to make room for new growth.
Leo: Kenaz

 This is a month of new ideas, new clarity, new understandings, and new endeavors Leo. All of these will require time, learning, and practice to truly master. Your natural enthusiasm and desire to excel at whatever you do, leaves me  no doubt that you will rise to the challenge.
Virgo: Sigel

Everything seems to fall into place for you this month Virgo, possibly because you have worked so hard to make it happen. Try to give the perfectionist in you some time off and just enjoy the good fortune and good things that are coming your way.
Libra: Ing

You have a lot of drive and energy this month Libra, almost as if you have just let go of all the things that have been holding you back and are now surging forward. Focus this energy on the goals you have been working towards - your progress is bound to be rapid.
Scorpio: Gifu

You like to keep your feelings hidden Scorpio, and often to keep what you know to yourself also. This month, try to be a bit more forthcoming with others. All of life involves a certain amount of give and take, perhaps a bit more openness on your part is what you need to give right now.
Sagittarius: Beorc

Your family may be growing this month Sagittarius, through birth or marriage, or even in some less traditional way. Take some time for home and family, perhaps putting travel on the back burner (just for this month) will help you create new bonds.
Capricorn: Ing

Take a chance on something new this month Capricorn, break away from the tried and true just a little bit. The Universe has given you the energy and the drive to create whatever you want this month, you just need to be willing to make the effort.
Aquarius: Eihwaz 

You are usually the one leaving Aquarius, the one moving on. This month, however, it may be others that are moving on from you. Look at this analytically, (that is one of your strengths) and you will know it is for the best.  Make sure you treat those moving on with respect, you'll have less regrets that way.
Pisces: Wunjo Reversed 

You tend to take the weight of the world on your shoulders Pisces, and this month there is a lot of weight to take. These problems are here to teach lessons, not just to you, but to other people in the situation. Be careful not to put yourself out too much to fix things, it will be a wasted effort.