Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Runescopes

Aries: Fehu Reversed 

You may have a hard time retaining your optimistic attitude this month Aries; success seems to remain just out of reach. Use some extra caution with your finances, be sure not to let impulse or impatience motivate your spending.

Taurus: Ehwaz 

Your determination and hard work seems to be paying off this month Taurus. You are moving forward in life, making some of the changes you've been wanting to make. Keep yourself open to new relationships, new experiences, maybe even some travel.

Gemini: Lagaz 

Your innate curiosity and analytical nature often make you seem detached, almost emotionless, Gemini. This month embrace your creativity, your imagination. You can change your reality if you just have faith in yourself and follow your intuition.

Cancer: Ehwaz Reversed  

It feels like you just can't get ahead no matter what you do this month Cancer, but don't let that discourage you. Although your restless nature will want to rebel against the lack of progress, these delays are helping you become ready for the success you will eventually achieve.
Leo: Perthro

Luck is on your side this month Leo, so take a chance on trying something new. Your natural courage and enthusiasm often have you in the middle of things; this month try something unexpected, something out of the ordinary. We should all shake things up once in a while.

Virgo: Jera

Stay patient this month Virgo; you may not see a lot of results for the effort you are putting in, but you are making progress. You're persistent by nature, and that persistence is what will eventually enable you to reach your goal. Most of the worthwhile things in life take time to achieve; your goals are no exception.
Libra: Beorc 

Relationships are very important to you Libra, keep your focus on them this month: you may have some new additions to your circle. A new family member is very possible, either through birth or marriage. Have some patience with anyone new to your circle of friends, it takes time for anyone to fit in.

Scorpio: Wunjo Reversed 


You may be tempted to take on the weight of the world this month Scorpio; your caring nature and need for control may tempt you to try to fix everyone's problems. Remember that delays and crises happen for a reason, inconveniencing yourself to fix someone else's problems doesn't help anyone in the long run.

Sagittarius: Wunjo Reversed 

Your risk-taking, adventurous nature may cause you some problems this month Sagittarius. Some delays are just meant to be dealt with, not bull-dozed through, no matter what your natural instinct is. Try to find the underlying cause of problems, instead of just working around them.

Capricorn: Ing

You've got lots of energy this month Capricorn, it may almost feel as if you are being reborn. Things are going your way, projects and relationships are going well. All your hard work and careful planning is paying off; enjoy your rewards, maybe even start a new project just because you will enjoy working on it.

Aquarius: Jera 

Patience is not really your strong suit Aquarius, you like to move around and try new things. Remember that not all goals can be reached as quickly as you would like, some take time and persistence. Look for the patterns in those projects that are taking a while, as you become familiar with the patterns the progress you are making will become more obvious.

Pisces: Eihwaz


Even long term situations and relationships have to end when all they are doing is holding us back. As painful as these endings are, they are necessary for us to grow. Don't let your overly agreeable nature keep you where you no longer belong Pisces. Do what's right for yourself, and walk away with grace and dignity.

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