Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Tarotscopes

Aries: 7 of Wands 

Go after what you want and have been working for this month Aries; if you don't you just might find it slipping away. Your natural assertiveness and energy, along with your don't back down temperament is sure to help you achieve success.
Taurus: 2 of Wands

Sometimes your hard-working nature can be a detriment Taurus, mainly because you try to do too much. It might just be time to let go of those projects that are more trouble than reward. Not everything works out the way we want, knowing when to cut your losses helps keep you from burning out.
Gemini: Hierophant

You may find yourself wanting to stay close to home this month Gemini. As much as you love your freedom and trying new things, there is something comforting about having a place where you know you belong. Often those things that bring us the most peace are a combination of the old and the new.
Cancer: Knight of Cups Reversed

 Sometimes others mistake your caring, overprotective nature for meddling Cancer, and react with frustration or even anger. You may spend more time alone than normal this month, trying to avoid just such negative reactions. Just know that in time you will bounce back from this - it's not in your nature to hide forever.
Leo: Hanged Man

Your usual outgoing, in the thick of things nature seems to be toned down a bit this month Leo. You're taking the alone time you need to re-evaluate what is and isn't working for you in your life, to really think about what will make you happy.  Once you figure that out, you'll be back to your usual full speed ahead self.
Virgo: 7 of Wands Reversed 

Your normal patient, persistent nature seems to have deserted you this month Virgo. You may find yourself having trouble focusing, just losing interest and not even wanting to finish what you have started. Keep your projects small and simple while your mind recharges itself.
Libra: Tower Reversed

Knowledge has always been important to you Libra, and this month you can expect hidden, or perhaps willfully ignored, knowledge to come to light. Often this information has been hidden or ignored for a reason, but very little stays secret forever. Use your analytical nature to find a new understanding of these circumstances.
Scorpio: Emperor Reversed

You are often too caring and too emotional Scorpio, but not this month. November seems to be a month of just letting go, of letting others do what they will and not worrying about things. Be careful not to let this attitude go so far that you neglect your responsibilities.
Sagittarius: 10 of Wands 

You may find yourself without a lot of time for adventure or travel this month Sagittarius, work seems to be the dominant theme. You may feel like there is little or no gain for all the effort you are putting in, and that may be true for the moment. Perhaps all this work will help pay for your next trip!
Capricorn: 2 of Wands

You go after your goals full steam ahead Capricorn, but right now it may be time to let your practical nature take over. You seem to be juggling just a few too many projects to be able to really do any of them well. Although each project may be part of your final goal, if you aren't giving them your best, they really won't help you much at all.
Aquarius: 3 of Swords Reversed 

You are always trying something new Aquarius, always moving on. You know in your heart that it is time to move on from a relationship you're involved in, but you also know the ending will be painful. Only you can decide when the pain of staying is more than the pain of letting go.
Pisces: 3 of Pentacles Reversed 

You are always trying to do more Pisces, always trying to please those around you. This month you may find that attitude coming back to hurt you as others take you for granted and pass you by without even acknowledging your efforts and contributions. Remember though, that you can only be taken advantage of if you allow it to happen.




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