Monday, June 1, 2015

June Runescopes

Aries: Tir Reversed

Sometimes you get so focused on where you are going that you lose track of what is going on around you. Slow down a bit this month Aries, your 'take no prisoners, let's get the job done' attitude can sometimes be offputting for others. Make sure you don't trample anyone in your hurry to reach your goal.

Taurus: Ehwaz Reversed

Your determined and stubborn nature will serve you well this month Taurus. It may feel like everywhere you look, every place you turn, there is just another obstacle or delay holding you back. Let your practical side win out over your overly tolerant tendencies and you will find a way around them all. 

Gemini: Perthro Reversed 

Your natural curiosity can sometimes get you into trouble Gemini, and this month is no exception to that. As much as you love knowledge there are some things in life you will be happier not knowing, that you may wish you'd never found out. Be careful what you ask this month-be sure you truly want the answers.

Cancer: Jera

Let your nurturing, caring, instinctive qualities shine through this month Cancer, they will serve you well. Many things in life take time, nurturing, and patience to truly reach their full potential. The goals you are working towards are examples of this. Persevere, and have patience, and you will see your hard work come to fruition. 

Leo: Wunjo

Your joy in life and enthusiastic, energetic nature will shine through this month Leo as you find true contentment and happiness. Everything will seem to fall into place for you, bringing you inner peace and security. Enjoy this quiet time, you have definitely earned the rewards.

Virgo: Algiz Reversed

You might want to take it a bit easy this month Virgo; your overly critical, perfectionist nature may just stress you to the point of not feeling well. Step back from those things that don't work out for you - they may just be opening new doorways that you are not seeing through your frustration. 

Libra: Nied Reversed

Try to be flexible with your plans this month Libra, to be willing to go with the flow. Although you want to know the reasons for everything sometimes things just go wrong. Instead of focusing on why, focus on how to get things back on track - you'll make a lot more progress that way. 

Scorpio: Ing

You may feel like the world has just opened up to you this month Scorpio, like you can create anything that you put your mind to. This is a great time to  start something new, to focus some of your creative energy on a new project.  

Sagittarius: Kenaz

You want to learn all you can about the world, Sagittarius, as much of it as possible through experience. Do a little planning for your next adventure this month, the more you focus on what you want to accomplish, the more successful you'll be.

Capricorn: Beorc

Let your hard working, determined nature take the lead this month Capricorn. This is a great opportunity to start building, or rebuilding, your life into what you want it to be. Know that the effort you put in now will be rewarded if you just practice a little patience. 

Aquarius: Ansuz Reversed

Sometimes, no matter how much you analyze something Aquarius, you just can't seem to understand it. Don't think of this as a personal failure, accept it as a learning experience, as a part of the world that we simply cannot change. 

Pisces: Fehu

Things truly seem to be coming together for you this month Pisces. You are reaching your goals and even being blessed with a bit of good luck. Let your caring nature take the lead and share a bit of the wealth with those who need it, otherwise it will stagnate.

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