Friday, July 31, 2015

August Runescopes

Aries: Jera

 Have some patience this month Aries, things are falling into place, just not as quickly as you might like. Let your determination lead the way, not your impulsiveness and you'll see that patience (or stubborness) rewarded. 

Taurus: Gifu


You always do your fair share of the work Taurus, and usually more. Step back a bit this month and let someone else contribute as much as you. Remember that partnerships are meant to be even; do what you agreed to and no more.

Gemini: Hagall

Sometimes you just need to clear the air, Gemini, even if that means risking an explosion from the other person. Putting everything out into the open will help free you from what's been holding you back, and give you more of the freedom you hold so dear.

Cancer: Sigel


Things are falling into place for you this month Cancer, just go with it. Sometimes you're a little overprotective, a little doubtful that things will go well. You can let go of that doubt, at least for this month-even the things that don't work out well will be opening new doors for you.

Leo: Eihwaz

You hold yourself to a very high standard Leo, and you expect the same of those around you.  Let go of whatever is holding you back or dragging you down this month. Do this with your usual compassion, be sure not to stoop to that lower level no matter the provocation.

Virgo: Lagaz Reversed

Sometimes your perfectionist nature can get in the way of progress Virgo. Don't spend so much time analyzing and overthinking things this month that you miss the opportunity completely. Sometimes you really do need to just go with your gut.

Libra: Jera

You know everything in life is about balance Libra: along with balance though, life is full of cycles. Pay attention to those patterns this month; use your analtycal nature to break them down. If you can see the patterns, you can tell what needs to be done to get you the outcome you are looking for.

Scorpio: Ansuz

Keep an open mind this month Scorpio, be ready to try new things, to form relationships with new people. Trust your instincts and your intuition, they won't lead you astray. It might not be a bad idea to let go of a little privacy and ask for some advice when you need it.

Sagittarius: Algiz

You like to take risks Sagittarius, and you are quick to trust. Those qualities may cause you a bit of trouble this month if you are not careful. Make sure you look at the entirety of any proposal you are given this month. There may very well be hidden costs that far outweigh the benefits.

Capricorn: Sigel

You shouldn't have any trouble reaching your goals this month, Capricorn, all your hard work and careful planning will soon pay off. Take some time to enjoy what you have earned and the rewards you have worked for. It's not often everything falls into place so perfectly-enjoy it.

Aquarius: Kenaz

Apply your analytical nature to any new projects this month Aquarius, it will take you a long way toward success. Take the time to learn a bit more about anything new you may be trying, any projects you may be starting.

Pisces: Thurisaz

Take some time to reflect on your life this month, to really appreciate how far you have come. Don't let your overly sensitive nature focus too much on the mistakes Pisces, focus instead on your growth. Look at your life as a whole, keep what helps you, and discard what drags you down.   



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