Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Tarotscopes

Aries: Page of Cups Reversed 

Your natural enthusiasm and joy in life sometimes lead you to get carried away Aries. Not everyone is as social, or as comfortable being social, as you are. Try not to hold it against people who may cancel or change plans at the last minute. They may just be a bit overwhelmed with everything happening this season.

Taurus: 2 of Swords Reversed 

You know exactly what you want Taurus and you are on a take no prisoners mission to make sure things turn out just as you desire. As usual, once you set your mind to something, very little can stop you. Your persistence (read stubborness) and determination will serve you well this month. Just try not to trample too many people in your quest-it is the season of good cheer after all!

Gemini: 8 of Swords Reversed

The holidays can be a difficult time for some people emotionally, and despite your seemingly detached attitude, and love of freedom, you truly care about others Gemini. Be careful not to get caught up in their pain, instead try to draw them into your joy. It's much more helpful (and enjoyable) to offer someone a kind word or a few moments of your time than it is to dwell on their pain.

Cancer: Queen of Cups

Your nurturing, caring nature takes the lead this holiday season Cancer - you are definitely the person everyone comes to with their questions and/or problems. Your intuitive nature will serve you well as you find lots of creative ways to help everyone deal with their problems.
Leo: Knight of Swords Reversed
You’re always enthusiastic and energetic Leo, but this time of year there is so much going on that it is easy to overextend yourself. Make sure that you don't take on so much that you lose track of what needs to be done. The last thing you want to do is let someone down because you forgot something agreed to in the spur of the moment.
Virgo: King of Wands

You're always looking for solutions to problems Virgo; analyzing, observing, paying attention to detail. Often you spot problems when they're first starting, and are easy to solve. Those characteristics serve you well this month as you help others fix problems that they find overwhelming. Remember, not everyone is as observant or practical as you are-try to be patient with those more focused on other things.
Libra: 2 of Swords Reversed 

Life may seem a bit chaotic this month Libra, and that is not an easy thing for your analytical nature to deal with. Although you prefer things more ordered and predictable try to embrace the season and all of its spontaneity. It may seem like things are going downhill, but in reality, they're just not going according to your way of thinking. Don't worry, all will be back to normal soon enough.

Scorpio: Queen of Swords

You value your privacy Scorpio, and this time of year, when most people are being more social than normal, that need for space can seem aloof or even standoffish. It's not always easy, or even possible, to find a balance between your need for space and others' social expectations for you, especially this time of year. You just may spend most of the month trying to find a happy medium.

Sagittarius: High Priestess Reversed

You do so many things Sagittarius, in so many different places; you just have so much to share with people. Your natural enthusiasm can sometimes be overwhelming to those less adventurous though. Pay attention to those around you: although you mean well, some may take your stories as showing off, or may feel less important when you are nearby.

Capricorn: 2 of Swords Reversed 

Be careful not to get too carried away making the holiday season all that you think it should be Capricorn. Sometimes, when you have your mind set on something you go all out for your goal regardless of the consequences. Take into account how your actions may affect others, sometimes it is actually more satisfying to make do with less.

Aquarius: Emperor Reversed 

You love to try new things Aquarius, to go new places and shake things up. Remember that all life is a balance, especially when dealing with others. Some people find comfort with the tried and true, the old family customs, especially at this time of year. Temper your need for new experiences with some understanding; not everyone enjoys constant change, so don't force it upon them just because it's what you want.

Pisces: Hierophant Reversed 

In this holiday season there is lots to do, and you always do more than your share Pisces; even then you feel it's not enough. You want to make everything perfect for everyone, and that is a noble goal. Just be sure not to waste your energy and efforts on those who will take you for granted.



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