Thursday, October 31, 2013


Rune of the Day: Ehwaz

Ehwaz is a rune of change, of movement , and new attitudeThis rune represents self-change, a new direction in your life.  Occasionally these are big changes; marriage, a new partnership, a relocation.  Far more often, they are smaller changes that nonetheless can change your whole life.

It may be the start of a diet, a new haircut or hair color, the ending of a bad habit, or the start of a good one.  It can be a move to a new dwelling in the same area, but one better-suited to you.  

When Ehwaz appears its always a good time to make any or all of the changes you have been thinking about making in your life.  Big changes or small, today is the day to go ahead and start them; knowing the energy of the universe is especially strong with you today.

Tarot Card of the Day: Empress

The Empress is the card of fertility, of creation, of accomplishment, practicality and intuition.

When the Empress appears know that you can do almost anything you set your mind to, and that the projects and goals you have been working toward will be accomplished soon.  She is the harbinger not just of success around the corner, but of blessings for good ideas that may just be taking hold in your thoughts.

The Empress also, of course, is the card of actual fertility and motherhood, the card of feminine progress and advancement.  This advancement may take any form: career, personal, family-wherever you choose to focus your energy you will find advancement.  Depending on what the Universe has in mind for you, you may find advancement in areas you really weren't expecting also.

Just know that any energy or creativity sent your way via the Empress is something you're meant to have at this time, and definitely something you can handle!

  Ehwaz and the Empress Together

The two of these together, to me, are pretty much self-explanatory.  Today is a great day to start something new, especially something that will help you improve yourself.  

With today being the start of the Wiccan New Year that's just added incentive to do something for yourself to make this year better.  
For myself my goals are:

1. Daily exercise
2. Daily meditation
3. Daily journaling  

Although I do all of the above, unfortunately nowhere near as regularly as i should, today is the day to start changing all that.  I can't wait to see what changes this brings to me over the course of the next year!

Feel free to add your own goals for the coming year in the comments!


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