Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pagan Blog Project C is for Cloves

Cloves are a masculine herb associated with the planet Jupiter and the element of Fire.  With all that cloves can be used for, the Fire connection really rings true. 

They are primarily grown in Tanzania, and also India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar, Madagascar and Pakistan.

Magickally they are used for protection and exorcism, love, and money. 

Almost all of these uses can be obtained by burning cloves as incense.  This is known to stop others from gossiping about you, attract riches, drive away negative and hostile energies, and produce strong spiritual vibrations.  Now that is one powerful incense. 

Wearing cloves, perhaps in an amulet, or carrying them with you brings comfort to the bereaved, and also attracts the opposite sex.  Perhaps being in proximity with them sends out calming vibes that work for both uses. 

Cloves are also very useful in healing and in pain relief.  As always, this is not intended to be medical advise, or used in place of seeing a medical professional; if you are not feeling well you should consult your medical professional.

Cloves are known to be very powerful in a healing capacity-it takes very little of them to be effective.  Brewing a cup of tea with just 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of cloves produces a tea that helps with stress and possibly insomnia.

The oil in the cloves is so concentrated, that you can strain the cloves from one cup of tea and reuse them in a second one that will be just as effective. 

This relaxation property is also effective in dealing with digestive problems, including diarrhea.  Drinking clove tea, or seasoning your meal with cloves, is known to help digestion, by relaxing the muscular wall of the digestive tract. 

 Ingesting cloves is known to help the stomach produce more hydrochloric acid, and the heat of this may be what causes this reaction.  Additionally, taking in cloves is known to help rid one of intestinal parasites, perhaps due to the increased acid production.

Clove oil is also a medicinally powerful antiseptic and helps to disinfect root canals. 

One of the best known uses of clove oil is as a pain killer for tooth aches.  This was the remedy used in the dental torture scene in the movie "Marathon Man".  Amazing, the things that stick in my mind!  At least this factoid has proved useful to me.  I am currently having a lot of dental work done and have placed ground cloves directly on my gums with almost instantaneous pain relief.  

On a practical level, scattering ground cloves around a deck, porch, or other area will keep ants away, and sticking cloves in lime halves will keep mosquitoes away.  There really seems to be very little this herb cannot do!


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