Saturday, November 1, 2014


Aries: Jera
You have been working towards your goals for a while now Aries, always with your trademark enthusiasm and energy. You will reach your goal eventually, everything does happen in its own time, and cannot be rushed, so some patience is needed. Patience is a bit contrary to your nature, but you've never been one to back down from a challenge; so view this as a challenge, let your determination keep you focused.
Taurus: Ehwaz Reversed

Your tenaciousness and hard working nature will serve you well this month Taurus. It seems there is nothing but delays and blockages in your path this month, and your practical, tolerant nature will serve you well in dealing with them. Know that as you keep plodding along, you do always get at least a bit closer to your goal, and progress may come all at once. 
Gemini: Ing

This is a month of creativity and energy for you Gemini, one in which you may find the opportunity for many new experiences. Your love of knowledge keeps you curious, and this is a month of new beginnings so you will have lots to learn about. Perhaps there will even be someone new in your life for you to focus that curiosity on.
Cancer: Fehu Reversed

Try not to let your emotional, nurturing nature get the best of you this month Cancer. You are easily moved, and always want to help others, but financially that is not a good idea for you this month. You need to use caution when it comes to money right now, and not make any hasty decisions or purchases-whether it is for yourself or to help another. Remember, you have to make sure you can take care of yourself before you can help anyone else.
Leo: Wunjo

Your joy in life is in full bloom this month Leo, things are really going your way. It seems that blessings are just falling into your lap, and with them a true sense of inner peace and contentment, not just surface happiness in the moment. With your outgoing warmhearted nature you are sure to spread the happiness to all who are near and dear to you.
Virgo: Daeg

Your observant analytical nature brings you to a new understanding of things this month Virgo, perhaps even an epiphany. This illumination brings with it not just confidence, but success also. You suddenly see a new way to reach your goals, one that is more enlightening and that you can share with others to help them also. 
Libra: Uruz Reversed

Your natural need for balance and understanding often mean that you rarely act alone, Libra, you are more comfortable doing things and being with others. Be careful this month, that you don't miss opportunities because you are waiting to hear what others think. Sometimes you need to find the facts, use your analytical mind, and make a decision on your own before a possibility is no longer there.
Scorpio: Isa
 You may have to put your take control tendencies on the back burner for this month Scorpio. Very little will go as planned; in fact, this is a month of almost standing still, of very little change. Try not to take it as an attack, the Universe is saying you need a break, it is not a punishment, though with your overly sensitive nature you may see it as such. Instead of worrying about why things aren't progressing, take some time to focus on yourself, to perhaps tweak your goals a bit. 

Sagittarius: Tir
Follow your own path this month Sagittarius, and let go of whatever has been holding you back. Let your natural independence take the lead; sometimes it is painful to shed old ties, but necessary in order to move on. Focus on the big picture, on what is best in the long run for everyone, not just what is easiest for this particular moment. If anyone is up to this challenge, Sagittarius, it's you!
Capricorn: Perthro 

This is a good time to take at least a couple of baby steps away from your normal cautious, practical nature Capricorn. Try to look outside the box, take a chance on something unexpected, something not so much a sure thing. Luck is with you this month, so take a chance or two, and see what happens.
Aquarius: Ansuz Reversed

Listen to what others have to tell you this month Aquarius, and be sure you hear them clearly. You are always trying new things, always reaching for the stars, just be sure you don't have your signals crossed with someone else. Although setbacks are a part of life, some of them can be avoided just be paying attention to others and truly hearing them.
Pisces: Kenaz

You are ready to start on a new direction this month Pisces, and you have everything you need to do well. You know where you want to go in life, and how to get there, just be careful not to let your overly agreeable nature get you sidetracked. You can only do so much for others, then you have to focus on yourself, and that is a line that you have trouble drawing. You always want to do more; for this month, focus on your goals and what you want. Let others fend for themselves, don't worry, they'll be fine. 

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