Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday 11/6 Daily Rune and Tarot Card

Rune of the Day: Thurisaz Reversed
Sometimes the best you can do in certain situations is to step aside and let someone else handle the problem; that may very well be the case today.  Be careful not to let setbacks or delays get to you, reacting without thinking things through can lead to a lot of regret. It's never easy to admit that you can't do something yourself, but sometimes just trying to do it all yourself is the very source of the problem.
Tarot Card of the Day: 7 of Cups
You may be seeing the world through  rose colored glasses today, just seeing what you want to see. It's easy to get caught up in your vision of how you want things to go and the outcome that you are hoping for but that seldom matches reality. Things may even look like you may achieve that ideal for a short time, but that will not last. Step back from the situation and adjust your expectations to something a bit more realistic.
The Two Together
Thurisaz reversed paired with the 7 of Cups is telling us that we are running into problems because we have bitten off more than we can chew. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big, but we do need to keep in mind the difference between dreaming and reality. Instead of taking setbacks personally, look at what you are really trying to do. Make sure that your goals are realistic;  if they are not, adjust them until they are. It's better to reach a small goal than to keep chasing an unattainable one.

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