Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Tarotscopes

Aries: Justice Reversed

Don't let your natural optimism and enthusiasm cloud your judgment this month Aries. Sometimes you get so carried away with your vision that you forget others don't necessarily share it. Keeping a realistic perspective on life can't make setbacks much easier to accept.
Taurus: Ace of Wands 

Your hard-working practical nature will serve you well this month Taurus as you look toward the future and explore new possibilities. You know that new starts take extra work and effort but you are definitely up for the challenge. Once you set your sights on a goal there is almost nothing you will let get in your way.
Gemini: 8 of Swords

You often seem detached and analytical Gemini, but your feelings run deep, as does your intelligence. You may feel somewhat overwhelmed by circumstances this month, but things truly aren't as bad as you believe. Use your curiosity to think outside the box, you'll find a way to make things better once you do.
Cancer: King of Pentacles Reversed 

You can be emotional at times Cancer, and led by instinct instead of reason. Slow down and think any decisions you make this month through carefully, especially financial ones. Being too careful with your money can be just as bad as being too careless, so try to walk the middle ground.
Leo: 6 of Swords 

Your natural enthusiasm and outgoing nature may be just a bit tempered this month Leo. Things have been rather stressful lately, so take some time to just relax and enjoy life. You'll be back to your usual pace soon, so enjoy the peace while it lasts.
Virgo: 7 of Pentacles Reversed 

Your perfectionist, analytical nature guarantees that you have done all the preparation possible on any project you undertake Virgo. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, and continued patience, this month things just are not going as well as you had hoped.
Libra: Princess of Swords Reversed 

Be careful who you spend time with this month Libra. You may find someone around you who is much more biased and less analytical than you. Don't let someone else's fear or closed mindedness hold you back from doing what you are meant to do, or trying something you want to try. 
Scorpio: Wheel of Fortune Reversed

You love to take control Scorpio, but sometimes your overly emotional nature can make things worse when you do. Problems are a part of life; be careful not to be so focused on them that you ignore or don't notice new opportunities coming your way. Life runs in cycles, focusing on the low ones just makes them last longer.
Sagittarius: 6 of Pentacles 

You are surrounded by people that share your outgoing adventurous nature this month Sagittarius. You will find yourself helping others and being helped in equal measure. Take the time to truly appreciate how rare this is in today's world of me-me me. This sharing helps you find some of the broader understanding of life that you are always seeking.
Capricorn: 9 of Cups 

This is a good month for you Capricorn, one where you are actually content with what you have in life. Soon enough you'll set a new goal, have a new objective, but for August you can actually take some time to accomplish all that you have accumulated and accomplished in life. After all, reaching goals is no good if you don't take time to enjoy them.
Aquarius: 7 of Wands Reversed 

Slow down a bit this month Aquarius, maybe don't be quite as quick to try something new. Make sure you are taking care of yourself so that you don't become overwhelmed with responsibilities and things to do. It's easy to get so caught up in all your obligations that you don't notice when others begin to take advantage of your good nature. Slow down and keep your eyes open this month.
Pisces: Tower 

You may feel under attack this month Pisces, almost as if someone has pulled the rug out from underneath you.  It is actually life making room for new things, and getting rid of that which you have outgrown. Although you may feel like you should either have seen this coming, or somehow prevented it, neither is true. Trust your instincts, they will help you face and adjust to the new perspective being forced upon you.




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