Saturday, August 29, 2015

September Runescopes

Aries: Lagaz

Go after what you want this month Aries, just be sure to let your intuition lead the way. Your natural determination, coupled with this month's creative energy is sure to bring you success.

Taurus: Nied Reversed 

You may need to take a step back this month Taurus, it seems like the Universe feels you need to slow down. Remember that the obstacles in your path are there for a reason, try to figure out what that is before you attack them with your usual persistence.

Gemini: Beorc Reversed 

It seems like things are either standing still or moving backward for you this month Gemini. Learn what you can from and about these setbacks. You can't change what has happened but you can learn from it, and perhaps even stop it from happening again.
Cancer: Ansuz 

Trust your instincts and intuition this month Cancer, try to let the overprotective part of your nature take a back seat. This is a time to make new connections, to be open to the unexpected and to new paths. Keep the lines of communication to others wide open, you never know where new opportunities will come from.
Leo: Hagall

You love to be in the middle of things Leo, and there is certainly enough going on this month for you to be right in the thick of it. Expect lots of changes and disruptions this month, just know that they are clearing the way for more positive energies.
Virgo: Nied

Your practical, persistent nature will serve you well this month Virgo; you're going to need a lot of your natural patience too. It may feel like nothing is going right, that everything is blocking your path: learning to work around these blockages is what's important. It's not our problems, but how we deal with them that is important.
Libra: Isa

Don't expect any big changes this month Libra, in fact things will pretty much be at a standstill. The Universe seems to have decided that you need a rest, so spend some time with the people in your life, nurture the relationships that are so important to you, and so much a part of your world.
Scorpio: Beorc Reversed 

Don't let your emotional, sensitive side get overwhelmed this month Scorpio; things are not going well but that is not necessarily a reflection on you. Take control of your life, accept what you have lost and find a way to bounce back. Disappointments and setbacks are a part of life, be sure not to let them become debilitating.
Sagittarius: Ing 

Your tendency to take risks pays off this month Sagittarius as new beginnings are all around you, including romantically. Take a chance on those things that appeal to you: you certainly have the energy and creativity to make things happen this month.
Capricorn: Fehu

Your careful planning and hard work pays off this month Capricorn as things go your way and you attain at least some of your goals. You do worry some about the material and that is an area that should be in good shape for you this month. Relax, enjoy, and share the wealth.
Aquarius: Tir

You're always trying something new Aquarius, always pushing boundaries. Keep an eye on the bigger picture this month, you may need to step aside or put something on hold if doing it causes more difficulty than it is worth. Sometimes we need to put others first, before our own goals, at least temporarily.
Pisces: Beorc Reversed

This may be a rough month for you Pisces, with many things coming to an end whether you want them to or not. It's time to clean the things out of your life that are no longer working for you. This is not a reflection on you, situations end once we have learned what we're meant to from them. It's time to make room for new goals, people, opportunities so that you can continue to grow.




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