Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pagan Blog Project F is for Fuchsite

Fuchsite is a crystal associated with the planet Mercury, the element of Air, and the goddess Gaia.  It's also known for its strong connection to natural earth energies. 

Although it is used in prosperity and abundance spells, fuchsite is known more for its abilities to help one connect with other energies: the angelic realm, elementals, nature spirits, spirit guides, and faeries.  It is also very helpful as a focus for astral projection.

Fuchsite's main use though is as a healing stone.  As always any information given here is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.  Please see your medical professional if you have any health concerns.

The crystal is known to focus and amplify any healing energy while also being very calming.  It also helps to release the blockages caused by excess energy.

It is very helpful for any problems with the larynx or throat; however, do not use the stone in an elixir. 

Problems with one's arteries and carpal tunnel and/or tendonitis issues are also helped by the proximity of fuchsite. 

It is also useful in the treatment of blood sugar problems, dehydration, and in spinal alignment. 


Fuchsite is also a great healing aid as it helps with channeling herbal remedies and holistic healing methods; helping to speed healing and even identify illnesses.

Fuchsite is known as a healer's stone due to its ability to help healers keep self-protective boundaries in place while they are working.  The crystal encourages understanding and compassion while at the same time it reinforces healthy boundaries between healer and patient.  It helps to prevent healers from giving too much to those who need healing, and helps them remember to take care of themselves also.

This is also a great stone to carry if one is prone to codependence or stress issues as it helps to heal both.  

For those embarking on any kind of self-improvement routine the presence of fuchsite can be a huge help.  It helps one stick to personal routines; especially those that help us connect to ourselves, such as meditation.  

In fact, meditating with a piece of fuchsite sitting on one's heart chakra helps to release emotions and heal emotional wounds.  It also helps to release stress and tension, and to make it easier to see the big picture of any situation as opposed to focusing merely on one's part of it. 

Carrying and/or wearing fuchsite even helps promote positive character traits such as sincerity and integrity.  It helps bring one peace and balance, which in turn helps on have more fun in life, with much less stress. 

Considering my frequent 90+ hour work weeks I should probably be wearing clothes and sleeping on sheets made of fuchsite!  LOL 



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