Monday, May 12, 2014

Rune of the Day: Ing
This is a great time to make a new start at something.  With the weather warming up for many of us, it is time to start outside new projects and maybe just some new things in general. Ing's energy is very potent for new beginnings, for coming out of one's shell so to speak.  Take advantage of having this energy in your corner today.
Tarot Card of the Day: 9 of Cups
Appreciate what you have today, and don't be afraid to share the wealth a little.  Things will be going your way, why not help them go someone else's way too.  The more we appreciate and share our blessings, the more blessings we receive.
The Two Together
The combination of Ing and the 9 of Cups is saying to go for what you want today.  Try something new, create something that speaks to you.  There is a ton of positive energy in your corner so take advantage of it.  Just remember to spread the good energy and blessings around.

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