Friday, May 30, 2014

Pagan Blog Project G is for Garnet
Garnet is a crystal associated with the planet Mars, the element Fire, and the goddess Sekhmet.

It has a primarily energizing and regenerating energy, and is very good at calming tempers and otherwise balancing emotions.  It's a great grounding stone to have when life gets chaotic or you are going through a crisis. 
Garnet is known to extract negativity from the chakras and turn it into positive energy, all while cleansing and re-energizing the chakras.  Likewise it cleanses, purifies, revitalizes, and balances any energy it comes into contact with. It also helps to ground spirit forces within the body. 
Meditating with garnet on your second chakra gives you motivation and confidence to reach your goals.  
It also increases positivity and self esteem, likely due to its energy cleansing and balancing properties.   This, in turn, leads to more serenity and popularity, and even an increased survival instinct. 
The crystal also has a protective influence with black garnet known to be especially helpful in psychic protection.  
Garnet also helps to get rid of outdated ideas, taboos, and inhibitions, while sharpening your perspective so that these ideas are seen clearly.  It also helps remove ingrained ideas and behaviors that are no longer serving you.
 Magickally garnet is known for healing, protection, and strength, and helps tap into extra energy when worn during ritual.  
It's used in love spells to attract a lover, rekindle an old flame, and to keep a lover faithful.  Somewhat of an all-around love spell stone. 
Its also useful in promoting good business relationships, leading to success, and provides luck in general. 
Keeping a piece of garnet under your pillow helps to prevent bad dreams, while carrying or wearing the stone strengthens the aura and helps to repel negativity by creating positive vibrations. 
Garnet is particularly effective in repelling thieves and should be kept around the house for this purpose. 
The healing properties of the crystal are multiple but seem to be mainly associated with its ability to cleanse and regenerate energy.  As always, any information given here is not intended to be or to replace medical advice.  Please see a medical professional with any health concerns.
Garnet helps to heal depression and other emotional problems and imbalances. 
It helps to regenerate the body and the DNA, reducing toxins while purifying the blood and internal organs. 
Garnet also helps stimulate the metabolism while helping the body process and utilize vitamins and minerals.  
Wearing the crystal is said to enhance strength and endurance.  
It is helpful in treating spinal and cellular disorders, and helps to lessen rheumatic and arthritic pain. 
Garnet also helps to relieve acne and other skin conditions, especially those characterized by inflammation. 

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