Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rune of the Day: Ing
You have an intense energy today, a need to accomplish things, to create something. The feeling is similar to emerging from your shell, like dumping a huge weight off your shoulders. Take advantage of the feeling, and tackle those around the house projects you've been putting off. 
Tarot Card of the Day: Lovers

Make some time for that special someone today, give them some extra attention. You have a true connection with this person, and that is a pretty rare gift. It is something that should be treasured and nurtured, so make sure you give that person the time and energy that they deserve.
The Two Together
Ing paired with the Lovers is telling us to focus our energy on the relationships in our lives, on letting our loved ones know how we feel about them, on giving them the time and attention they deserve.  The energy of Ing can be used to help create a new start in a relationship,to strengthen a new relationship that just hasn't quite jelled yet, or perhaps to create a new little person to increase your family.


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