Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rune of the Day: Mannaz Reversed
Some days it's just not easy to trust anyone of anything-past betrayals are just more in the forefront of your mind for some reason. It can be very easy to get caught up in the shallowness of life, to walk away from anything too difficult, or that requires too much effort; after all, everybody else does it. It’s certainly your choice what you want to do, but before taking the easy way out ask yourself if that’s the way you really want to live your life.
Tarot Card of the Day: 2 of Cups
You may just find that you have more in common with someone than you had previously thought.  Take a little time to talk to some of the people you normally don't pay a lot of attention to: a neighbor you pass on your way in or out, the clerk at the corner store, whoever you may deal with. Everyone has a story to share, you are almost certain to find someone who's story truly resonates with you.
The Two Together
Mannaz reversed paired with the 2 of Cups is reminding us that there is always someone we can connect with, no matter how unlikely it seems. It is often at our darkest times that we find the people we have some of our strongest bonds with. Never give up hope on people in general, just move away from the people that make you want to give up hope.

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