Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Runescopes

Aries: Beorc Reversed

Things will be moving much slower than you would like this month Aries, they may even seem to be moving backwards at times.
Although your natural optimism and enthusiasm may be dampened down a bit by things that just don't go well, you will find a way to soldier through. Your innate determination will keep you going.

Taurus:  Nied

Your practical hard-working nature will serve you well this month Taurus. You may feel like you are running into brick walls at every turn: the trick is to deal with the obstacles, not try to plow you're way through them. The more you accept the obstacles in your path, the less they hold you back. 

Gemini: Ing

This is a month of new beginnings, of creating things, of releasing negativity for you, Gemini. Let your natural curiosity and your desire to try new things take control this month. Work on building the life that you want: just be sure that you keep your house in order while you're doing this; you'll certainly have enough energy for everything. 

Cancer: Jera

Don't let your restless nature take control this month Cancer - things are going to work out very closely to the way you want them to, you just need some patience. Pay attention to the cycles and patterns going on around you, there may be a way to use them to your advantage. Once you find and stick to a routine that works for you, you'll notice your results starting to appear.

Leo: Kenaz Reversed 

You do love to be in the middle of things Leo, and with your joyous attitude people generally are glad to have you there. This month be careful what you get into the middle of, sometimes people are not what they seem. If it feels like a situation or person is negative, it almost certainly is, don't let your warmhearted nature lead you into being too trusting. 

Virgo: Daeg

Virgo, you always want everything to be perfect, which is very difficult in our so imperfect world. This month you will find a new way of looking at things, almost like having an epiphany. Because of this you will make some significant changes in your life, and find  the success that you just haven't felt you've achieved before now. 

Libra: Eihwaz

You truly value the relationships and partnerships in your life Libra, which makes letting go of any of them very painful. Sometimes this is necessary for your own protection. Use your analytical nature and let go of those things that you know will hurt you in the long run; just be sure to do so without malice, it's very important that you do the right thing when ending these connections.

Scorpio: Ehwaz

This is a great month to make those changes you've been putting off, whether they are within yourself or external. Give your take control attitude some room to work and you can make tremendous progress this month Scorpio. There may even be a new relationship on the horizon, just be careful not to get in too deep too quickly.

Sagittarius: Tir Reversed

Your independent, adventurous nature sometimes gets you into trouble Sagittarius, and this may be one of those times. Be careful not to get so focused on your destination that you lose track of what is happening around you. It's much easier for the less than ethical folks out there to take advantage when you have tunnel vision and are not looking at the big picture.

Capricorn: Gifu

You know what you want out of life Capricorn and you are determined to reach that goal no matter what it takes. Just remember that when you partner with someone it must be a true give and take, both parties must be happy with the deal. Make sure whatever agreements you make this month are worthwhile for both parties.

Aquarius: Isa

This is a good month to take it easy Aquarius, to go a bit against your natural tendencies and not try anything new. You may very well find your way blocked if you do try to move forward too far. Instead focus on finishing any current projects, on being all caught up and ready to move when your path clears.

Pisces: Lagaz

 Let your creative side, your imagination run free this month. You can accomplish almost anything you set your mind to this month, Pisces, a long as you approach it with the best of intentions. Your intuition, always strong, is in high gear this month, so really pay attention to what it is saying. It may just open up whole new worlds for you.


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