Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Tarotscopes

Aries: Chariot

This is definitely going to be a month with a lot of progress for you Aries. Your natural enthusiasm coupled with the positive and forward moving energy of the Chariot will make you virtually unstoppable. You'll find a way to overcome anything standing in your way, reach your goals, and start working towards new ones.

Taurus: Queen of Swords

We all like to help others, but be careful this month Taurus not to take on too much of another's burden. You've never shied away from hard work, but putting in a lot of effort to help someone else, no matter how close of a friend they may be, instead of facing your own problems will not help anyone in the long run.

Gemini: Page of Pentacles

Your natural curiosity has always led you to seek out knowledge Gemini, just be sure to balance your book learning with experience this month. No matter how much you study something,  reading about it or watching it done is not the same as actually doing it. Remember that before you promise things you may not be able to deliver.

Cancer: Justice

Be careful not to let your overprotective, emotional nature take control this month Cancer. Things are actually working out in a way that is truly fair for everyone involved even if you don't see things that way. Remember that you may not know the whole story; the Universe has a way of righting the scales in the long run.

Leo: World Reversed

Your insistence upon excellence and natural enthusiasm may hit a bit of a snag this month Leo. Sometimes we are not meant to complete what we start, we are instead meant to learn from a failure or disappointment. Let your natural enthusiasm and love of life help you bounce back-after all you always know something good is coming your way!

Virgo: 8 of Swords Reversed

Your overly critical, perfectionist nature can sometimes keep you stuck in a rut Virgo. Instead of holding onto the past learn from it and let it go. Analyze what happened, learn from it, and then let it go. Use this new knowledge not just to help you reach your goals but to help others reach theirs.

Libra: Knight of Pentacles

Let your analytical nature be your guide this month Libra; use caution before acting. Make sure you are aware of what's going on around you and that you understand the possible consequences of your actions. You always value the opinions of others, be sure to include them in your thinking. Remember, we seldom regret the well-thought-out actions that we take.

Scorpio: Moon

Scorpio, you are intuitive and instinctive, and this month you need to let those qualities be your guide. You like to take control, to know everything that is going on and those qualities help you recognize when something is not quite right and especially, when there is outright deception. Listen to your instincts and intuition this month - they won't steer you wrong.

Sagittarius: 6 of Wands

You'll receive the recognition you have earned this month Sagittarius. Your outgoing, optimistic nature has no problem being the center of attention now and again and you certainly will be for at least part of this month. You've worked hard and you've earned these accolades, just don't be too disappointed when the spotlight moves on as it always does- it's nothing personal.

Capricorn: 9 of Pentacles Reversed

Sometimes despite all your careful planning, all your caution and all your hard work things just seem to fall apart. Unfortunately, setbacks and disappointments are a part of life and cannot be avoided no matter how careful one is. Capricorn, your natural patience and determination will help you overcome any and all setbacks that life puts in your path. 

Aquarius: 7 of Wands

You love to try new things Aquarius, to always be moving on; you are ruled much more by reason than by emotion. This part of your nature can lead to misperceptions. You may find yourself a bit under fire this month, having to defend your actions, to explain them to others. Stand up for yourself but don't be afraid to admit if you were wrong, or to change your behavior in the future.

Pisces: 6 of Cups

You are a dreamer Pisces and your caring, creative nature means you are often hoping, and trying, to make the world a better place.  Understand though that we can never recreate what used to be, once something is gone it can never be brought back exactly the same. Don't spend too much time wishing for the past to return, focus instead on making the present and future better.


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