Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rune of the Day: Ing
There is a strong need to accomplish something today, perhaps even to create something new.  This can be anything from tying up loose ends in an ongoing project, to cleaning out your basement or attic, to just creating something new.  It's a desire to put things in order so that you can make a new start.  Don't fight it, just go with it: that energy might as well be put to good use.
Tarot Card of the Day: Tower
Some new facts may come to light today that shake the foundations of what you've believed in.  Things are seldom the way we think they are and different people can view the same situation very differently.  This awakening is something you needed to truly open your eyes.  You will have to adjust your perspective on life, but you will also be the stronger for this awakening.
The Two Together 
Ing paired with the Tower is telling us its time to rebuild our world, to look at what is really important in life and to focus ourselves on building a life around that.  Maybe it's time to become less materialistic, or more independent and less needy of others.  Perhaps we need to be more generous and more helpful to others.  Whatever your particular revelation, know that you have the strength to move on and to build a better life from it.

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