Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rune of the Day: Wunjo
Blessings continue to rain down on you today, though these may be more emotional and spiritual than material.  You'll have a feeling of complete comfort, of true inner security, peace and happiness.  Enjoy this contentment, harness it along with your natural energy, and just dream of all you can accomplish with your life.  
Tarot Card of the Day: Devil Reversed
This is a day when you will find yourself letting go of the things that hold you back, of finding a greater understanding of yourself and your own motivations.  Those close to you will also seem to understand you better, helping you rather than hindering you.  Together these things give you a new sense of inner balance, of well-being.
The Two Together
Both Wunjo and the Devil Reversed are telling us that today is a day of new understandings, of enlightenment, of releasing those things that have been holding us back.  Its time for us to focus on the things that lift us up, instead of worrying about the things we can't control. 

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