Friday, January 2, 2015

January RuneScopes

Aries Ansuz

Aries this seems to be a month of new beginnings, new opportunities, new connections for you; your natural enthusiasm and energy will serve you well. Expect positive changes to come your way, maybe some unexpected inspiration will lead you to set some different goals. Although you don't need it, especially with your fearless nature, you will have lots of support in these changes, possibly from family, possibly from new connections.

Taurus Raidho

Your natural persistence and patience serves you well this month Taurus.  Although you can expect obstacles and challenges on your journey, you are more than able to handle them. You know that good things are worth working for, and you have the patience needed to reach your goals. Remember that it is often the journey that is most important, not the destination. Just keep working towards your destination, and your natural determination (ok, some may call it stubborness) will lead you to success.

Gemini Kenaz Reversed

Your naturally curious, analytical mind may be on vacation this month Gemini. You don't seem to want to consider new ideas, or different perspectives, but instead to stay coccooned inside your comfortable established viewpoints. There's nothing wrong with taking a break now and then, just be careful about making decisions based on preconceived notions-it's hard to make good choices when you refuse to hear all the facts.

Cancer Thurisaz Reversed

It may feel like one thing after another is in your way this month Cancer; be sure not to let your oversensitive nature take this personally. These obstacles are all ones that you can handle if you put your mind to it. Just be careful not to let your emotional, restless side make the decisions-you need a clear head and to think things through before taking any action. You may even have to step aside and let others handle the problem for you, as much as that goes against your natural desire to be the caretaker.

Leo Algiz

Your natural enthusiasm and eagerness leads you to always trying new things, to taking on new challenges. Try to use a bit of caution in choosing those opportunities this month Leo; if you don’t, you may end up with some unwanted energy in your life. Sometimes it's worth a little negativity to reach a goal, just be sure that whatever you're reaching for is worth whatever sacrifices you may make for it.

Virgo Gifu

Your practical, perfectionist qualities will serve you well this month Virgo.  You want everything to balance out, and that is going to be very evident for the immediate future. Any effort or expenditure you make will be returned to you. Remember that this works both ways, anything that is done for you, or given to you, will need to be repaid. Don't lose sight that everything is part of the big picture, the Divine is part of all partnerships and agreements; take a little time to acknowledge this part of your life.

Libra Tir Reversed

Be careful who you trust this month Libra; you would much rather act with others than to be on your own, just remember that sometimes others have their own agenda and it may not be the same as yours. Make sure you stay focused on how you are getting things done, not just on your goal, you might find it easy this month to act less than ethically if you think it will help you reach your goals sooner. Just remember that the journey is more important than the destination, so be sure to make your journey something you won't regret.

Scorpio Hagall

Your overly sensitive nature and need to understand will make this a challenging month with the changes coming your way Scorpio. It's a good month to get rid of the things in life that have been holding you back-the Universe may give you a hand in doing that. Know that whatever changes are coming this month are inevitable, they are out of your control, but they are there to give you freedom, to remove the things holding you back.

Sagittarius Uruz Reversed

You are always doing something Sagittarius, always ready for a new adventure, a new friendship, a new experience. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day. You may find that you miss an opportunity or two this month, possibly because you are so busy with other things. Pay attention to the little things that are going on around you, sometimes they are trying to give you a clue to bigger things coming your way.

Capricorn Othala

Your natural love of permanence and focus on the material aspect of life are well rewarded this month Capricorn. You will be the one that people turn to for help, or just for someone to listen, and financially things will go well for you. Just remember that the more successful you are, the more you need to give back to family and community, either in time or in material help.

Aquarius Mannaz

You like to go your own way Aquarius, to do new things, to push your limits. Try to focus your energy on helping others this month. You just may find a new career opportunity if you do, one that will help you to grow and better yourself as well as make a living. Sometimes we help ourselves the most when we are focused on helping others and learn to appreciate their struggles.

Pisces Beorc Reversed

Sometimes things have to come to an end: relationships, jobs, interests, try not to let your oversensitive nature view this as a personal failure Pisces. You always feel that you should have done  more, but sometimes things are meant to end, we've learned all we can from them and it is time to move on. Let your creative, imaginitive side run loose, focus on creating new things instead of on second guessing what went wrong with the old.


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