Friday, January 2, 2015

January TarotScopes

Aries 10 of Cups Reversed

Your energetic, enthusiastic nature sometimes causes you to lose track of the day to day things in your life. This is especially easy to do when things seem to be going well at home. Slow down a bit Aries, and take care of the everyday things and the people in your life. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of attention to keep things running smoothly, but without it, things may start breaking down.

Taurus Page of Wands Reversed

Taurus, don't let your practical hard-working nature keep you from trying something new. Although you worry about the material things, and want to be sure of paying your bills, sometimes it is necessary to try a new venture instead of sticking to the tried and true in order to make real financial and personal gains. Be sure you're prepared, and then go ahead and start something new.

Gemini 3 of Pentacles

Gemini, you are always looking for new experiences and are naturally curious. These two qualities have led you to something that you love to do, that is something you are really good at. Give this a real shot, go ahead and pursue this new passion. It may or may not be your calling, but if you enjoy it and are good at it, by all means go for it.

Cancer 8 of Pentacles

Nurturing, overprotective Cancer it is time for you to take some time for yourself. You have been working hard at your career to get where you want to go, and you are well on your way. You stay focused on your career, and your caring nature keeps you looking out for others. Slow down a bit and take some time for yourself-burn out is no fun and is easy to avoid if you just make yourself the same priority that you make others.

Leo Page of Cups

Outgoing courageous Leo, you might want to slow down just a bit in the romance department this month. Although you are very warm-hearted and sure that you can handle whatever comes your way other people can still surprise you. Letting your natural confidence run away with you can lead you to some real disappointment, possibly even heartbreak. Just go against your nature a little tiny bit and take things slow.

Virgo 4 of Wands

Try not to let your perfectionist, overly critical nature get the best of you this month Virgo. You've accomplished a lot in life, and you've reached a goal. Slow down a bit and take some time to enjoy what you have done. Don't second guess yourself, don't worry about how you might have done it differently, just enjoy what you have done.

Libra Knight of Cups Reversed

Libra you look for balance and understanding in everything, knowledge is very important to you. This month you may find yourself a bit more given to flights of fancy than normal, a bit more full of daydreams than is normal for you. Just make sure that you don't lose sight of what needs to be done in the here and now to keep things going smoothly. Everyone needs to dream a little, but living in a dream world isn't good for anyone.

Scorpio Hanging Man

Scorpio, give in to your take control attitude this month and do what will truly make you happy, regardless of what others think. Just be sure that you are truly doing what you want, and not acting out of an emotional response. Anyone can use being true to themselves as an excuse to act differently than the norm, it takes someone who truly knows, and is comfortable with, themselves to consistently live outside others expectations.

Sagittarius Queen of Pentacles

Friendly, optimistic Sagittarius, you are always going someplace new and you love to talk about your travels. And why not? You work hard to be able to travel and enjoy yourself, you've done a lot to create a life that you enjoy. Take some time to truly relax and enjoy your life.

Capricorn Empress

Patient, practical Capricorn you need to focus your hard working nature on creating the life that you want this month. Take the time to think about what you want to change-a new look for you or your home, exploring a new spiritual path, maybe changing your lifestyle; whatever it is now is the time to start making the changes to bring it about. We all create our own reality, why not create one that you want?

Aquarius 7 of Cups Reversed

Aquarius your mind tends to go beyond the ordinary; you focus on a bigger picture than the day to day of our mundane lives. It is important to have dreams, to want to reach for the stars, but it is necessary also to keep balance in life. This month you may find yourself spending more time daydreaming, or focusing on unrealistic goals than is normal for your analytical self. Make sure you stay grounded this month, maybe spend some time working with someone less fortunate to help you keep your dreams in perspective.

Pisces Moon Reversed

Pisces don't let your wonderfully imaginitive, dreaming self get carried away this month. You may find it very easy to fool yourself this month into thinking things are happening the way you want them to. It's easy to do this when you get too focused on a goal. For you Pisces, who never wants to offend anyone, and always feels like you should have done more, be very careful not to commit to doing more than you can. There are only so many hours in a day, make sure you leave some time for yourself.


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