Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday 1/20 Daily Rune and Tarot Card

Rune of the Day: Mannaz

This is a good time to make new beginnings, to take advantage of new career opportunities, to focus on relationships and even on helping your community. Look at situations with the intention of doing what is best for everyone involved, not just yourself, or one particular person that you may be trying to help. Make sure your actions are true to your beliefs and values.
Tarot Card of the Day: Hermit

Take some time for yourself; some time to reflect on your life and your beliefs, on where you want to go next. The better we know ourselves, the more we are able to follow our true path and to find inner peace and happiness. Change old beliefs if you have come to find them untrue or unjust. Remember, as we gain more experience and knowledge our world view changes, it’s only natural that our beliefs would change also.
The Two Together
Both the Hermit and Mannaz encourage self-reflection and inner change. The Hermit is more focused on inner truth and finding a new path, while Mannaz presents the opportunities for these changes to manifest in outward form with improved relationships, more of a sense of community, a better understanding of the big picture.

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