Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Runescopes


Aries: Fehu reversed

You may have to reign in your energetic, outgoing self this month a bit Aries, at least in financial matters. Slow down a bit and think things through before you commit your resources. Your natural optimism always expects the best outcome, but we all know that doesn’t always happen. Just a bit of caution this month-just a tiny bit.
 Taurus Isa

Focus your practical nature on things you’ve already started for this month Taurus. This is not a good time to start anything new. Instead use the time to tackle all those projects that have been patiently waiting for you to return to them. Clearing out the old also makes room for something, or somethings new.

Gemini Tir reversed

Be sure to focus your curious, analytical nature on people this month Gemini, including yourself. You may get so caught up in reaching a goal that you do some things you might regret later. This is especially true if you are competing against others, as they may be slightly underhanded or deceptive in their own right. Live and act by your standards, not theirs.

Cancer Ing


This is a great month to try new things Cancer, you are full of energy and creativity. Make some new beginnings, but spend some time focusing on things at home too. You will have a new creative drive, and most likely a little extra prosperity to pay for your new projects. Create something wonderful this month!

Leo Eihwaz

Your love of life and always do your best nature will serve you well this month Leo. It’s time to look out for yourself first, to move on from some situations that have been dragging you down. This will be inconvenient, possibly even uncomfortable, but you know it’s necessary. Do what is right, regardless of the actions of others, and you will be able to look back on this time with no regrets.
Virgo Ehwaz

This is a good time to make some big changes Virgo, either within yourself or your environment. A move or travel is a real possibility for you this month. Your detail-oriented, practical nature will help make sure everything goes smoothly, the positive energy from the Universe is just a bonus.  

Libra: Kenaz

Your strengths are supported by the energy being sent to you this month Libra-you are curious and love to learn and learning and knowledge are what you need. The more you learn and understand this month, the better prepared you will be for making new beginnings, starting new projects. There is something new you want to do, make sure you learn all you can before beginning it.  

Scorpio Sigel

You really have things under control this month Scorpio, even the things that don’t work out as you had planned will open up new opportunities for you. You will have a real sense of inner peace, of contentment, that not even your overly sensitive nature can knock out for long. Things are really going your way right now, take the time to enjoy this.
Sagittarius Daeg

Your adventurous nature will be showing itself this month Sagittarius as you make some fairly big changes in your life. You will find a new understanding of things and that will lead you to make changes that help you understand even more. Many of these may be more internal than noticeable to others (at least at first) but they are all ones that will bring you increasing peace of mind.
Capricorn Mannaz

This is a big picture month for you Capricorn. It’s a time for major growth both within and without, and with your hard-working nature you will have no problem at all handling those changes. There are some new career opportunities on the horizon, just don’t get so caught up in any material benefits they offer that you lose sight of possible drawbacks. It’s very important that you consider the effects of your choices on those around you, not just on yourself.
Aquarius Uruz reversed

Keep your eyes open this month Aquarius, maybe give something a second chance before moving on to a new project. There’s an opportunity or two out there for you, but they will be easy to overlook, possibly because you will already be looking for your next new thing. Make sure you take care of yourself this month also, getting worn down just invites illness and accidents.
Pisces Beorc reversed

This is a month to focus on yourself Pisces, to let your imagination soar and your creative side have free reign. Things you have been working towards will not turn out as you had planned, don’t focus on the failures. There is always a reason why things don’t work out, and although you tend to blame yourself, it’s very rarely you. Think of what doesn’t work out as a clearing away, a making space for the new and just imagine what you can do with a clean slate.


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