Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rune of the Day: Algiz
Be careful of what influences you invite into your life today, they may have a hidden side.  Just be sure that for any changes you make you are aware of and willing to accept the possible consequences.  If not, let this opening pass by, but do it with courtesy and respect.  You never know, at another time that may be the right decision for you. 
Tarot Card of the Day: 8 of Swords
Be careful what you focus your thoughts and energy on today, it can make all the difference in how things go for you.  It's easy to look at your problems and let them get overwhelming, (lots of us worry ourselves over just the possibility of what might happen way down the road), even when in reality they are relatively minor.  Instead of putting all that energy into what you don't want to happen, use it to find creative solutions to the problems you actually have right now. 
The Two Together
Algiz paired with the 8 of Swords is reminding us to keep things in perspective, to not let fear keep us from trying new things.  Sometimes they will work out, sometimes not, but there is always something to be learned.  Although we should never let irrational fear hold us back, a healthy dose of caution is always a good thing.  You do want to make sure there is water in the pool before you dive in!! 

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