Friday, September 19, 2014

Rune of the Day: Nied
Everyone has obstacles in their life; some you can fight through, and some you just have to learn to live with. The ones confronting you today are ones that you need to learn to live with. Do not focus so much on what these constraints are that they become bigger in your mind than they are in reality.  Instead, focus on making the best of the hand that you have been dealt-how big an obstacle is really is a matter of perspective-don't lose yours.
Tarot Card of the Day: Judgment
Sometimes things work out in ways you'd never expect: everything goes your way even though you haven't put in much effort, or the opposite: everything goes wrong even though you have put your heart into the project.  Those are karmic outcomes-ones earned either earlier in this life, or in a past life.  Your karmic patterns are now coming to an end, and new pattens will be appearing-this change is inevitable, and may be challenging to deal with.  Face it with positivity, fighting these changes accomplishes nothing.
The Two Together
Nied paired with Judgment is telling us that some of the obstacles in our life are the payment we owe for karmic debts from the past.  These debts are now nearly paid off and soon will no longer be influencing our lives.  However, the longer we fight these obstacles, instead of accepting them and making the best of them, the longer it will take them to disappear.  We cannot truly expect karma to believe we've learned our lesson if we keep fighting our consequences.

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