Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rune of the Day: Uruz Reversed
You may feel a bit under the weather today, or maybe just a bit out of sorts or distracted.  Try to focus on what's causing the distress: a physical ailment, a virus, or just a general malaise.  There is always an underlying cause to these things: not enough rest, poor diet, too much stress. All of these come down to the same thing-not taking care of yourself.  Take the time today to put yourself in first place, pamper yourself a bit.  It may not cure you, but it's sure to help at least for a bit.
Tarot Card of the Day: 5 of Pentacles
It's very easy to become so focused on something that you lose perspective.  Perhaps you have a project at home or work that you are desperate to finish: don't be so single-minded that you don't notice when someone around you needs help.  Also be sure to take care of yourself-get enough sleep and eat well.  Blocking out the needs of others or yourself just to reach a goal only drags you down in the long run.
The Two Together
Uruz reversed paired with the 2 of Pentacles is telling us that our own needs are just as important as those of anyone or anything else. We need to take care of ourselves first, or we will be no good to anyone at all. No matter what we have going on our health, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual has to be our priority. 
So everyone reading this-go do what I am not doing today and take some time for yourself. I'm looking forward to doing that late tomorrow when I'm done moving and have some time off from work! 

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