Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rune of the Day: Fehu
 Things are finally starting to come together for you.  You're reaching your goals and financially things are definitely looking up.  Enjoy this time, but don't become so caught up in material things that you let greed start to motivate you.  Blessings are meant to be shared, not hoarded, so spread a little of whatever extra you have around.

Tarot Card of the Day: Tower Reversed
 Be careful not to become so set in your beliefs that you close your mind to new ideas.  It is by being open to the new that we grow and become better people.  You don't need to change your beliefs to learn about new ideas; and there just may be something in the new stuff that you can incorporate into what you already believe. 

The Two Together
Fehu paired with the reversed Tower is reminding us that success comes in many forms-we should not limit ourselves to just one vision of it.  We need to be adaptable, and learn to be grateful for what we have, without being locked into a belief that we have to have .... to be successful or happy.  Once we accomplish this, that's when we find true wealth and happiness.

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