Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rune of the Day: Hagall

Things are changing and changing quickly; you may even feel somewhat off balance, as if your life is out of control.  Keep your eye on the bigger picture, although it may feel like chaos, in reality you are being freed from things which will hold you back, or possibly even harm you in the future. 
Tarot Card of the Day: 5 of Wands Reversed
The more complicated things become, the more likely they are to fall apart.  Try to simplify things today, don't let your thoughts get too far ahead of what's really happening in any given situation. View what's happening in the most basic perspective that you can, and make your decisions from that place-not based on many layers of what ifs.
The Two Together
It's all about perspective today, about how we view what is happening in our lives.  So often, we make things much more complicated than they really are, we need to focus on living in the moment.  Sometimes the moment may be little hectic or unsettled, at those times we need to find our inner peace and remember that everything happens for a reason.

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