Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday, December 1st Daily Rune and Tarot Card

Rune of the Day: Ansuz

Pay attention to advice that others give you today. Even if it doesn't seem to apply to your present situation, it is something you will need to know for the future. Communication is the biggest factor in change, in knowledge, in love, in everything; so keep an open mind to the things that people are communicating to you today.
Tarot Card of the Day: 6 of Wands

 People are beginning to notice all that you have accomplished and all the things that you do. You're finally getting some acknowledgment, and possibly even recognition for this. Enjoy your time in the sun, you've definitely earned it, just remember that recognition is not an excuse to stop trying. 

The Two Together

Ansuz paired with the 6 of Wands is telling us that people may be acknowledging our accomplishments in ways that we are not noticing.  Many times people are embarrassed to thank others or to praise them, especially if they feel you are modest and would be embarrassed by the acknowledgment. Pay attention to the little clues people give you today, they may be praising you without you even realizing it.

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