Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday 12/18 Daily Rune and Tarot Card

Rune of the Day: Othala Reversed

You may feel a bit like you have lost your way today, that you just don't really fit in anywhere.  Sometimes when we've been so fixated on a specific outcome we can feel adrift if that is not the end result of all our efforts, almost like we just don't belong, that nothing works for us.  Just like sudden good fortune, setbacks are temporary; hard as it is find something good in your life and focus on that. 

Tarot Card of the Day: 2 of Wands Reversed

You're having a hard time today deciding which direction to move in, no path seems clear to you.  No matter what options we have to choose from, they all have their pluses and minuses; you can't always wait for a clearly better option to appear. Sometimes we just have to make the best choice we can and then do everything in our power to make it work.

The Two Together

The pairing on the reversed Othala and reversed 2 of Wands is speaking to us of feeling disconnected, adrift, of being unable to decide what to focus on or which direction to move in next. We all have period of indecision and discouragement; the key is to not give in to them for any length of time.  We don't have to be sure of our final destination in life, we just have to keep moving forward in a positive direction.


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