Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday 12/4 Daily Rune and Tarot Card

Rune of the Day: Beorc
Today is all about new starts, new beginnings in all areas. You may be welcoming new people into your circle of family and friends, learning a new hobby, or starting a new project.  Just remember that it takes time to create something new, whether it is a relationship or a craft project. 

Tarot Card of the Day: 7 of Pentacles Reversed
Take a good luck at what reaching some of your goals is costing you; not just financially, but also mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  You are putting too much into some of your dreams right now, especially in light of what you will receive if you achieve them. Make sure the accomplishment is worth the effort you are putting out to obtain it.

The Two Together

The pairing of Beorc and the reversed 7 of pentacles is telling us to reevaluate our goals and what we think it will cost us to reach them. We are very probably underestimating at least some of the resources we will need to use,  and we need to really think about whether or not these dreams are worth all the resources it will actually take to achieve them.

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