Monday, January 27, 2014

Pagan Blog Project B is for Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a very energetic mineral,  associated with the element of fire, and the planet Mars.  It is also fairly widespread, being found in India, the United States, Australia, China, Brazil, and Scotland.  The stone is actually comprised of green chalcedony with red iron oxide, or sometimes red jasper throughout.

Traditionally bloodstone has always been associated with power, and obviously, with blood.  Warriors would often carry bloodstone into battle with them to make them more powerful and to help stop the bleeding if they were injured.  Of course, since they used the stone to press on the wound, simple pressure may have had something to do with the stone's ability to stop bleeding! 

With its green color bloodstone has often been associated with healing, including keeping blood healthy and stopping bleeding,  prosperity, and farming.    

Bloodstone is frequently worn as an amulet to help promote general health, and in turn, to help one live longer. 

It is also said to help ease menstrual difficulties and childbirth, and to prevent miscarriages.  The stone also helps to the system to clear infections and blockages more quickly.   Please do not consider using the stone in any healing capacity as an alternative to legitimate medical care.  Bloodstone is an assist to your body, not a cure, and is not intended to be a cure. 

Bloodstone is also useful in ridding oneself of negative energies, of letting go of those things that distract or don't serve a positive purpose.  It seems to do this for both physical and emotional blockages.

One of the biggest boosts bloodstone gives to one's health is just from the energy the stone puts out-it helps to increase vitality and strength, to motivate, to really energize and focus one on taking better care of oneself.   Obviously, taking better care of oneself leads to better health; the stone is a motivator, an energy boost, not a magickal cure-all. 

Carrying the stone, or keeping it in a cash register, draws money.  It is often used in business, money, and/or prosperity spells. Before industrialization it was often carried by farmers to promote a good crop since a healthy crop for a farmer equaled prosperity. 

Bloodstone has also been associated with invisibility throughout the ages, rubbing it with the herb heliotrope is said to help one sort of magickally fly beneath the radar, to not be noticed. 

Personally, I really love the energy of this stone, just having one with me that I can rub when I start to lose focus will remotivate me almost instantly


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