Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rune of the Day: Gifu

Gifu is a rune of partnerships, of opportunity, of a true give and take relationship.  Gifu may symbolize a gift that comes with strings attached, but they are strings that are understood by both sides in the relationship.

This rune symbolizes a true union between two people or forces with an equal push and pull from each.  It is very important not to lose yourself in the partnership, not to become the one doing all the giving or all the taking.   

When Gifu appears know that those people you are dealing with, on both a professional and a personal level, will deal with you fairly and evenly.  They will be willing to help you, but you must be willing to help them in exchange.

Tarot Card of the Day: 8 of Cups

The 8 of Cups is a card of disappointment, of moving on, of finally recognizing defeat.  Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to help someone, or how many chances we give them, that person just either isn't capable or, or isn't ready to change. 

This card represents moving on from that person, recognizing that the pain they bring to us is more than we are willing to put up with.  When this card appears to us, its time to really think about those people who drag us down, who force drama into our lives over and over again.  Sometimes, we just have to cut these people loose, to do what's best for ourselves.  

That's really what the 8 of Cups represents, moving on from a bad situation because that is the best, and healthiest thing we can do for ourselves.   There is absolutely nothing wrong with walking away from a bad situation that you simply cannot change. 

The Two Together:  

Gifu and the 8 of Cups together present an interesting dichotomy.  Gifu is the rune of partnerships and of even give and take, while the 8 of Cups speaks of ending one-sided relationships, of dissolving partnerships so to speak. 

The trick is in finding the balance.  All of our interactions with others are in one way or another partnerships, some of much longer duration than others.   What we have to keep in mind is that when any relationship, or partnership becomes basically one-sided sometimes it is necessary to throw in the towel. When partnerships last for any real length of time there will be periods when one person is doing most of the work, and times when the other person does most of the work.  Its when this becomes an unfair burden on one person that we have to examine if we are really getting as much out of the relationship as we are putting into it in the long run.

When you have made repeated efforts to make a relationship work, and the other person won't or can't hold up their end, it is time to walk away.  There is no shame in leaving someone who drags you down, the same with any kind of partnership; who wants to be partners with someone who takes advantage of you, or uses, or even abuses you?  Take a good hard look at all your relationships with others, if some are consistently holding you back, or even dragging you down, perhaps it is time to reconsider these relationships.




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