Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rune of the Day: Ehwaz (Reversed)

Ehwaz reversed is a rune of blockages and delays, of no progress, of being solitary. 

 This rune falls when we become complacent, when we stop striving to improve ourselves and/or our situation.  Sometimes, this is a good thing, we all need a break now and then to just recharge our batteries.  

Ehwaz reversed is not that rest, this is stagnation, being stuck in a rut, a complacence that is holding us back.   This rune represents almost an unwillingness to move forward, a lack of desire to change things. 

When this rune appears it is necessary to decide what we really want and then to strive for it.  Without effort, there can be no progress and without progress, no growth.

Tarot Card of the Day: Knight of Staffs


The Knight of Staffs is a card of change, of advancement and opportunity.  Often this card indicates some kind of journey, either physical, mental, or spiritual.

This is the card of someone who is seizing their own destiny, someone willing to make changes in their life so that they can reach a goal. 

Sometimes these are big changes: quitting a job to open one's own business, going back to school, moving to a new city or state.  Sometimes these are smaller changes: starting a new fitness regimen, going on a trip, starting a new hobby, doing daily meditations or journaling. 

Whatever you've been thinking about doing, maybe New Year's resolutions you've been thinking of making, this is a great energy to have when you start them.  Why not make some of these changes a little early and be well on your way to accomplishing your goals when New Year's comes around?

The Two Together:

The Knight of Staffs is telling us to get out of the rut that Ehwaz reversed has us in.  This card is giving us the energy to break out of sense of ennui, to make some real, positive changes in our life. 

Instead of wondering how we can make things better for ourselves, instead of going if only, seize the energy of the Knight of Staffs and do something positive for yourself today.

Even if its just going for a walk, or people watching at the mall, do something good for yourself today.  You deserve it!  Then take this small change and run with it over the next few days, and watch how little changes can improve your life!

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