Monday, November 25, 2013

Rune of the Day: Wunjo

Wunjo is a rune of success, of achievement and happiness.   When this rune shows up, you can be assured that the Divine is sending blessings your way. 

Sometimes these blessings are material and you suddenly have some extra money or are given things that you need.  Sometimes they are more intangible and you, or a loved one, receive a clean bill of health from the doctor or hear from a long lost friend.

Most often though, these blessings are spiritual.  Often Wunjo signifies finding true happiness, which can only be found within ourselves.  No other person, or any thing can truly make us happy; that is something we can only do for ourselves.  Finding true peace and inner happiness is the greatest gift the Divine can give to any of us.

Tarot Card of the Day: Page of Staffs (Reversed)

The Page of Staffs reversed represents reluctance, indecision, even disapproval or displeasure.  Often this card represents a person who is not trustworthy, perhaps a gossip, or someone who will betray your secrets. 

Listen to your intuition, if you are feeling that reluctance or displeasure towards a particular person, be careful what you trust them with.  They may not be malicious, but may repeat something you say in confidence without thinking. 

So use caution today, and only tell your secrets to people who have proven they can be trusted.

The Two Together:

Wunjo paired with the reversed Page of Staffs indicates the people who may be talking about you, who may inadvertently spill your secrets will be doing so out of admiration rather than malice. 

A friend may repeat news of an impending promotion or a raise out of excitement and happiness for you, never thinking that you may not want such knowledge to be public.   

Think of the Page of Staffs as a caution, that though you may have found contentment and inner happiness know others are still seeking that and may look to you as an example.  Be careful what you put forward now, it may influence others in ways you can't imagine. 



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