Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rune of the Day: Ing

Ing is a rune of fertility and new beginnings, of coming out of one's shell almost.  This is also a rune of intense energy on every level, and of creation, fertility and fruition.

Ing is the rune you want when you start something new, or when you are trying to reach a goal.  When this appears you can be sure that you will accomplish what you set out to do whether it is to expand your family, start a new business, or create a work of art.  

Frequently Ing indicates a release of uncertainty or tension.  Often this is because it signifies the beginning of something; concrete action as opposed to merely thinking about something and considering the pluses and minuses of doing it. 

So make today the day you stop thinking about tackling a new project and actually begin it! 

Tarot Card of the Day: Death (Reversed)

Death reversed means stagnation, being stuck in a rut, inertia. It represents the inability or unwillingness to move on. 

Often this is due to fear, a fear of change or success, sometimes even a fear of happiness. Its very hard to let go of the familiar and the known, even when we're not happy with our situation in life. 

This card appears when it is time for us to break out of that rut, to know that we deserve better than what we have right this moment in life.  Start small, even baby steps will get you on your way, but each day make a small change for the better in your life.  

Smile at a stranger, hold a door for someone, be grateful for good weather, or a beautiful sunset, each day make one more small change and soon you will see how your life has been transformed.

The Two Together:

Ing and Death reversed seem to be opposite each other, Ing showing new advances, Death reversed indicating stagnation. 

But remember, Ing indicates coming out of one's shell, which may be a slower process than we would like.  That is the contribution of reversed Death, the fear of change that slows us down, that keeps us from going all out for something new.  

Sometimes this works to our advantage, and sometimes it merely holds us back.  It is up to you to look at the changes coming your way and to decide at what rate you wish to embrace them.  


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