Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rune of the Day: Kenaz

Kenaz is a rune of learning, self-awareness and of the creative and the sly.  Truly this is a rune of knowledge in all its forms and of clarity.

When this rune appears it is best to truly open your mind, for it means that knowledge is very important in your life right now.  Not necessarily book learning, though possibly that depending on your situation.  It may be knowledge of how to do something: fix a car, bake a cake, run a new computer program. It may also be knowledge of things that are going on around you, perhaps a child or close friend is having a hard time and could use a little help but hasn't asked.

Often though, Kenaz is indicative of the need for inner knowledge, self-awareness.  It frequently indicates the beginning of a more enlightened time in your life.  The more we know ourselves the better we are able to focus on that which fulfills us and the closer we can come to reaching our full potential.   So keep your eyes open today, and see what knowledge comes your way, you might be surprised!

Tarot Card of the Day: 8 of Swords (Reversed)

The 8 of Swords reversed is a card of depression, disquiet, difficulty.  This is very much a card of attitude, of how you deal with things and handle life. 

When reversed this card signifies someone who has chosen to withdraw from life rather than to face it head on.  Often this withdrawal is the result of past betrayals or other difficulties.  

While a certain amount of time to deal with past traumas is understandable, when this card appears it is a warning that it is time to get back on your feet, to face life again.  We can never move on if we are dwelling in the past and hiding from the present and future. 

Learn what there is to learn from the past and then put it where it belongs, behind you.  This card is telling you to move on, and we all know, when we don't listen to the subtle hints of the Divine, the next hint is much less subtle!

The Two Together:

The 8 of Swords Reversed and Kenaz together are telling you to learn from your mistakes and then to move on.  The rune is all about learning, especially self knowledge while the tarot card is saying its time to stop dwelling in the past. 

Learn what you can from what happens to you, whether it was a mistake you made, a betrayal you experienced, or just something that life threw at you.  Whatever has happened to you, happened for a reason, to teach you something.  By dwelling on it and not learning or letting go, you are negating that lesson.  And lessons we don't learn the first time are taught to us again, usually in more disruptive ways!



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