Thursday, November 28, 2013


Rune of the Day: Eolh (Reversed)

Eolh reversed is a rune of ill health, of needless sacrifice, of losing communication with the Divine.  This is basically a warning rune when it is reversed, a sign that one is about to experience setbacks. 

Setbacks are a part of life, it is how we respond to them that is important.   Many setbacks can be minimized or even turned around if we look for the cause of the problem instead of just focusing on what is wrong.  

Often it is a lack of communication with the Divine, a not making time for our spiritual side that leads to these setbacks and ill health.  If we are not taking care of ourselves spiritually we are more apt to make poor decisions, these decisions have consequences.

Because Eolh is a rune of warning, by paying attention to our spiritual health and really looking at everything going on around us we may be able to minimize or avert the problems headed our way.

Tarot Card of the Day: 4 of Swords (Reversed)

The 4 of Swords is a card of rest after difficulty, of recovery, of recharging one's batteries, of replenishing.  It also represents solitude, perhaps retreat or exile. 

This card appears when we need to take it easy, when we have earned some down time.  Often this appears after a difficult time, after we have been struggling for a while and have finally reached the end of a challenging time in our lives. 

Sometimes these challenges have ended well, others not so much.  Now is the time to just relax, to look back at what has happened. learn what we can, and rest up so that we can move on to whatever life has in store for us next. 

The Two Together:

Both Eolh reversed and the 4 of Swords indicate difficulties, Eolh to the actual difficulties and the 4 of Swords to recovering from these difficulties. 

With today being Thanksgiving here in the US, these could be very indicative of the holiday itself for many of us.  Although most people love Thanksgiving there is a lot of work put into it, especially for those hosting and preparing these meals.  

Cooking and preparing the meal, welcoming and entertaining guests, even if they are family and friends, can all be very draining.  Not to mention those people who work their regular jobs today as well as putting on a dinner.  

Holidays are often very stressful, even as joyous as they are.  That is my take on these 2 symbols today.  There will be setbacks and problems while celebrating the holiday-there always are.  But let the 4 of Swords carry the day, relax and enjoy the meal, the family time, the parades on TV, football, The Godfather on AMC, (sorry, one of my personal favorites), whatever it is you like about the holiday take the time to enjoy it today. 


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