Friday, November 22, 2013

Rune of the Day: Perthro (Reversed)

Perthro reversed is a rune of unusual events, of painful secrets coming to light, of surprises.  When upright Perthro represents luck in games of chance, being reversed, you would do well to avoid those games today. 

Today is a day to be on the lookout for the out of the ordinary;  the things that you usually don't notice will be very apparent to you.  You will find a new appreciation for that which you have always taken for granted previously.

This is not a day to try anything new, it is a day to really appreciate the complexities of even the simplest things you have in your daily life. Seeing things with fresh eyes may open your mind to all of the blessings we receive from the Divine every day.  

Tarot Card of the Day: 8 Wands

The 8 of Staffs or Wands is a card of rapid advance and swift movement, of things going perhaps too quickly, of hastily made decisions.  Often this card symbolizes someone making a decision based on emotion and acting on it before they have time to think it through calmly.  Staff cards usually refer to career, school, something that a lot of time is spent on and that is significant. 

Although things may seem to have an urgency, slow down a little, take the time to really think them through.  Very little in life has to be acted on immediately; a new promotion may sound great, but if it means a better title,  more work and responsibility, and the same pay??  Suddenly that great opportunity doesn't seem so great.  

So take some time, look at the whole picture and then, if it still is a great idea, jump on that speeding train, take that great offer, make that change!  If it seems more trouble than its worth, walk away knowing that it is the right option for right this minute to just say no.

 The Two Together: 

Both Perthro reversed and the 8 of Staffs urge caution.  Don't make any big decisions today, or at least don't act on them.  This is especially true of any decisions made because of something unexpected that you may learn. 

This is especially true in regard to your career, if you hear something, either positive or negative that your company or department may be doing, don't act on that information right away.  Take some time to really verify it and then to carefully consider what it will realistically mean to you.  Then make your decisions and act on them. 

Taking the time to think things through, to not take foolish chances or to rush into things without really thinking them through, can make all the difference in how you view your life.  With regrets? or with the knowledge and peace of mind of knowing you made the best decision you could at the time.



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