Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Rune of the Day: Kenaz

Kenaz is a rune of learning, self-awareness, craftsmanship, and also of being crafty and sly (after all, the sly are usually after knowledge also).

This rune represents working hard, enlightenment, wisdom and understanding.  Self-awareness is the knowledge most represented by this rune, but we can only get to know ourselves by expanding our knowledge of others and in general. 

Its only through learning about  each other's journeys, beliefs, and customs that we can choose those that speak to us, that help us to become better people.

Experience truly is the greatest teacher.  Exploring, perhaps experiencing, those beliefs and experiences from other people that most speak to us, that is our journey to self-awareness. 

Tarot Card of the Day: Knight of Staffs Reversed

The Knight of Staffs (Wands) reversed is a card of interruption, of unexpected change, of distraction.

This card often indicates delays, being waylaid, sometimes arguments an disagreements. 

Today is a holiday for many, and family disagreements frequently appear when people are together.  Take a step back today, bite your tongue, be the better person.  

Think of the memories you want this holiday to have, and act accordingly; there is no need to buy into someone else's drama.

The Two Together:

Kenaz and a reversed Knight of Staffs together are giving us some great advice for any day of the year, especially one that brings so many people together. 

Take the time today to see someone else's point of view before you react to what they say or do.  Practice understanding, and compassion, and tolerance.  It makes for a much more peaceful day whether you celebrate a holiday today or not.


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