Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rune of the Day: Daeg

Daeg is a rune of success, confidence, of epiphany and transformation.

This rune appears when one is making new discoveries, and transforming oneself.  It signifies a new-found confidence, a sense of security and certainty. 

Often, this rune coincides with having an epiphany, or moment of clarity, that gives one a whole new way of looking at the world.  Sometimes, it leads to a whole new way of life, or at least a new focus in life.

Often these changes are seemingly dramatic, giving up a high pressure job for a low paying, low stress one, becoming vegetarian.  

Regardless of the changes one does or doesn't make, the appearance of Daeg symbolizes a new period of contentment in one's life.

Tarot Card of the Day: Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is a card of insight, of observation and discovery. 

This card often represents a very observant child, or someone who is eternally curious, always wanting to know how and why things work.  

It also represents the natural curiosity in all of us; that curiosity that frequently dulls as we age and become involved in the day to day tasks of living. 

Spend some time today rediscovering your inner child, and its inherent curiosity. You just might be surprised at some of the connections you make. 

The Two Together:  

Daeg speaks of  epiphanies and transformations, while the Page of Swords represents curiosity and exploration. The one obviously follows the other.

We cannot have epiphanies if we are not curious, are not exploring things outside of our normal world.  Without this broadening of our horizons, without epiphanies, there is no reason for transformation. 

So let your inner child lead the way today, take whatever knowledge is found, and use as much of it as feels right to better yourself!


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