Monday, December 23, 2013

Rune of the Day: Beork

Beork is a rune of growth, fertility, nurturing and creativity.  It is a rune of creating things: life, art,  marriage, whatever you create this is the energy that helps you to do so. 

This is a rune of nurturing things along, of watching them grow and develop whether it is a building you designed, a painting you are painting, or a child you are raising.  

Beork is the energy of giving something back to the world, something lasting or something transient-it doesn't matter.  Indulge your creative side today, from a child's paper doll, to the pyramids, to a new born baby, all were created and nurtured with the energy of Beork.  

Tarot Card of the Day: The Devil

The Devil is a card of addiction, of self-destruction, of bondage, of malevolence. 

Generally, the Devil represents giving in to our baser desires, to the point of letting them control our lives.  It is akin to being in a prison of our own making.  This card appears when we are letting our lives get out of control.

Take this card as a warning, to use moderation, to think of the consequences of one's actions, to not give in to temptation.  Usually, some indulgence is fine, but today, with the energy of the Devil around us, it is not a good idea.

The Two Together: 

Beork and the Devil are actually two sides of the same card.  They both represent the energy of creativity: Beork channels it constructively, the Devil channels it destructively. 

Anything can be destructive if used wrongly, or to excess.  This includes the creative energy of Beork: if we become so caught up in what we are creating that we neglect the other aspects of our lives, then we are as much in a prison of our own making as if we suffered from addiction. 

Likewise destructive forces, if channeled properly, can be constructive.  Instead of using the energy of the Devil to indulge ourselves, channel it outward, and spend it helping others, creating things, cleaning, any positive outlet will do. 

We have all the energy we need today: we just need to decide what direction we want to travel with it!


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