Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rune of the Day: Fehu

Fehu is a rune of possessions, of material gain, of fulfillment and good luck.

This is the rune of good things coming to those who work for them.  A rune of well-earned rewards.  Fehu represents things going well for people who are doing the right thing.  

Enjoy your good fortune, but to keep it going, it must be shared willingly.  Prosperity and luck will stagnate and eventually dry up if they are not shared and kept alive and fresh with others.  

Tarot Card of the Day: 5 of Swords  

The 5 of Swords is a card of conflict, of defeat and degradation, of destroying others. 

You may be tempted to speak your mind today, to tell others how you truly feel.  Think before you speak; you may make win the battle, but lose the war.  Is it really worth alienating your friends and family just to get something off your chest? 

Also remember that with the influence of the 5 of Swords so prevalent today, irritations may be somewhat exaggerated.  This is yet another reason to hold your tongue, at least for today. 

If you must tell others how you really feel, pick a place and time, and do it in a way that is not confrontational or accusatory.  A little tact can go a long way towards smoothing ruffled feathers. 

The Two Together:

The good fortune of Fehu may seem at odds with the conflict represented by the 5 of Swords, but sometimes good fortune and prosperity emboldens us to do things we normally wouldn't.

Really, who doesn't dream of winning the lottery and telling their boss what to do with their job?   Just remember real life has a lot more consequences than fantasies do. 

Enjoy the fact that things go well for you today, don't use it as an excuse to tell off people who may annoy you, especially people you are close to.  Those few minutes of satisfaction will not be worth the price you pay in trying to repair your relationships with your loved ones. 


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